Client Services provides support for local families and individuals in need in St. Augustine and surrounding areas. We offer referrals assistance, regardless of faith or demographic profile, through our Home Visitation Program.  

Trained volunteers visit client homes in pairs and work directly with the poor and those in need to develop coping and success strategies.  We help develop action plans to deal with immediate problems while working with clients to create long-term strategies to escape the burdens of poverty. 

We are a Catholic, Christian organization operating independently in St. Augustine to serve the needs of our community. We are not a welfare organization, and we are not satisfied with indiscriminately handing out money.  Our mission is to relieve suffering.  We are committed to dealing with clients’ economic, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges.  We evangelize through our imitation of Christ’s actions, not by preaching.  We always ask permission to pray with our clients.

​Our client services operation is funded by cash donations and proceeds from the operation of our Thrift Store. To request assistance, fill out the online form. We will be in touch shortly upon receiving the form.

Client Services


282 San Marco Ave.

St. Augustine, Florida 32084


Monday to Friday 

10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.